SMART Digital Radiography

Now, you can upgrade your existing analog X-ray system to fast and convenient.
Smart DR features brilliant automatic positioning of standing mode and table mode. Smart footprint of smart DR is perfect for any hospital/clinics environments. Off course, Listem’s  proven image quality and intuitive imaging software come standard. 
Smart DR II Comprises motorized detector stand and bult-in-table.
Compact DR upgrade kit with full functionalities:

  • Convenient and safe motorized positioning of standing mode and table mode.
  • Single flat panel detector covers both table and standing positions smartly.
  • Wide coverage of Bucky movement minimize patient positioning time.

Going digital Smart way: 

  • Fast and high quality digital image in just 4 seconds.
  • Same renowned listem’s imaging software used in big hospitals.
  • Saves burdens for handling cassettes, films, chemicals for films processors.
  • DICOM 3.0 compatibility for easy transfer of images to PACS.
  • Convert your existing X-ray system to DR with minimized investment.

Small footprint for even small X-ray room:

  • Smart DR II is designed to perform in small X-ray room without sacrifices of   functions.
  • Smart movement of motorized bottom rail guarantees to achieve required.

Easy DR retrofit:

Smart DR can retrofit any existing X-ray system to DR system. Smart DR II is composed of motorized detector stand and built-in-table.You will have true DR experience with minimum space and investment.


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