SMART Digital Radiography 

Now, you can upgrade your existing analog X-ray system to fast and convenient.
Smart DR features brilliant automatic positioning of standing mode and table mode. Smart footprint of smart DR is perfect for any hospital/clinics environments. Off course, listem’s  proven image quality and intuitive imaging software come standard. 

Smart DR consists motorized detector stand, mobile table and workstation.

Compact DR upgrade kit with full functionalities:

  • Convenient and safe motorized positioning of standing mode and table mode
  • Single flat panel detector covers both table and standing positions smartly
  • Wide coverage of Bucky movement minimize patient positioning time. 

Going Digital Smart way:

  • Fast and high quality digital image in just 4 seconds.
  • Same renowned listem’s imaging software used in big hospitals.
  • Saves burdens for handling cassettes, films, chemicals for films processors.
  • DICOM 3.0 compatibility for easy transfer of images to PACS.
  • Convert your existing X-ray system to DR with minimized investment.

Small footprint for even small X-ray room: 

  • Smart DR is designed to perform in small X-ray room without sacrifices of functions.  
  • Smart movement of motorized bottom rail guarantees to achieve required.

Easy DR retrofit:

Smart DR can retrofit any existing X-ray system to DR system. Smart DR consists motorized detector stand. Mobile table, and workstation. 


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