Anaesthesia Series

State of the art reliable and the World's only manufacturer of Electronic anaesthesia vaporizer.
RENDER manufacture different models of Anaesthesia models which are.

SD-M2000A; SDM2000A+; SDM2000B; SD-M2000C; SD-M2000C+; SD-M2000D; NEW EXUS 900; EXUS 710; EXUS 720.

Some of the common features are:
  • Built-in/Touch Aneasthesia Ventilator.
  • Electronic Anaesthesia vaporizer.
  • Buil-in Air compressor.
  • Battery Back-up.
  • Continuous FiO2 Monitoring, EtCO2 Monitoring function.
  • Anaesthesia gas scavenging system.
  • New compact CO2 absorber.
Anaesthesia Series

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