EVS 3643 Wireless Flat Panel Detector

EVS 3643


Slim Dual Battery Charger

Two EVS3643 batteries can be simultaneously charged With the slim Dual Battery Changer. LED display allows for easy checking of the battery level and with its light and compact design, user portability and usability is increased. The charger comes standard with EVS 3643 detector.


  • Mechanically optimized and engineered with metal unibody structure.
  • EVS 3643 has safety at 3.3ft height drop test.
  • Also protection suit seperately provided to protect the detector in various situations such as hospitals and mobile Environments.
  • Ergonomically designed protection suit provides optimum usabilityIn x-ray environments.
  • X-ray environment efficiency considered package of a protection suit and a compatible tablet mounter further adds to user convenience .
EVS 3643 Wireless Flat Panel Detector

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