EVS 4343 Wired Flat Panel Detector

EVS 4343

Wired Transfer

  • Slim cassette size (43 x 43 cm, 15 mm).
  • Highly reliable and stable operation.
  • High definition by direct deposition Csl.
  • Fast image acquisition time less than 2 sec.
  • Lossless AED support.

Excellent post-processing image Quality

  • Optimized algorithms and parameters for each body part.
  • Adaptive noise reduction to minimize image signal loss.
  • Image detail enhancement by multi-frequency image processing.

User Experience design

  • Smart workflow minimizing the need for page switch and mouse click.
  • Editable tool bar.Easy to use stitching (up to 5 images).
EVS 4343 Wired Flat Panel Detector

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